Friday, February 27, 2015

Easter is just around the corner and if you have children you are probably thinking what to do with them to keep them entertained for half term. 

Dazzle is an international party supplier, who plans ahead for your activities and help to keep your children entertained with quirky products. 

 Easter Party Bunting

Getting them involved in arts and crafts can create hours of fun.  Adults can get involved and you can even create a competition.   
Our very own Easter activity Party Bunting is perfect for doing two things.  1) It creates hours of fun and 2) It can be used time and time again for Easter events and activities.  Even as a keep sake it can be kept to remind your children of events and times in their lives. 

The Easter Craft Egg Hunt Kit is the perfect addition to your Easter celebration with a fun selection of items to keep the children entertained at your gathering. The kit includes 5 pointers perfect for giving clues as to where the Easter Eggs are hidden along with paper masks allowing each guest to become their favourite Easter character. Other gorgeous items in the kit includes a selection of vibrant stickers and colouring pictures with crayons, perfect for creating an Easter masterpiece.

Children love Easter Egg hunts, especially with these bunny footprints perfect for adding some extra fun to your festivities. Each pack contains 12 bunny footprints perfect for both indoor and outdoor use to create a trail to where the bunny has hidden the Easter treats.

You need not look any further.  Our ordering process is online and quick and simple 1 page checkout. 

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