Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Halloween!

As Halloween is now only 35 days away why not start preparing now and you haven't got much time left before you start getting monsters, witches and vampires knocking at your door!

Start decorating your haunted house with the scary door posters we have! 
This will look great outside on the front door with some pumpkins and spiders webs draped around.
Then its time to move on to the inside of your house.

The Gothic Mansion Scene setter will go perfectly when setting the scene of your own scary Halloween house. Follow the link below to see more of these scary scene setters.
Halloween Scene Setters

We also have lots of different Halloween decorations that can go either inside or out.
Spiders webs can look great hung over trees, bushes, or even around lighting on the front of your house. 

If your looking to decorate the table this Halloween during a party your throwing, take a look at our centerpieces.
This Haunted House Centerpiece will fit in perfectly with all your decorations in and outside!
Haunted House Centerpiece

Halloween is the time to dress up, have fun and eat lots of sweets.
If you want to do something different instead of give the kids (or the monsters) sweets, why not give them goodies.
The Halloween accessories can be great gifts!
See the link below for more!

Please find the details below for more of our Halloween supplies
Halloween Party Supplies

Here at Dazzle we wish you a very Happy Halloween!!

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